Santa Barbara ZoomcastWelcome to our Santa Barbara ZoomCast Video page. This has been such a rewarding project for the Santa Barbara Group and the town we love.

When the CoronaVirus put Santa Barbara and the rest of California in lockdown, we thought about how we could best support our town, local businesses, and the people who call the area home. We decided to create a Facebook Group that would help connect people to resources and allow the local business owners to put a shout out about what they have to offer. That group as of the end of July 2020 has over 6000 followers. Is that sweet or what? If you want to take a look just click here.

The project evolved into what we call Santa Barbara ZoomCast. On our Zoom casts, we connect people to various business owners around town. We’ve met, on a deeper level, so many amazing people. Below are the ZoomcCast Videos we’ve done so far. We hope you learn a bit and maybe find a new source for something you need.

Naturally, if you have real estate needs, we are here for you.

Best to you…

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Garrett McCaw
Avi Becker

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