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The Santa Barbara Group

Joe and Garrett asked me to write a bio for them. I’m a retired Realtor who is known for being a bit critical about things. That doesn’t apply to Joe and Garrett. Here is what I’ve noticed about them.

Joe Parker

Joe does few things, if any, lightly. He is passionate about his work and is always learning. Besides keeping up on all things real estate, he is a voracious reader. There is never a time he isn’t passing on something he’s learned from the latest business authors.

Joe is an interesting mix of warm/casual and intense competitor. I was in his office recently right after he’d put a new property on the market. Unlike most agents who put the home on the MLS and sit back, Joe was on the phone calling the top agents in the area and excitedly telling them why this was a home they had to show their clients.

Joe’s enthusiasm is infectious. He loves to brag about his kids/wife and has an energy reserve that never seems to get tapped out. Call Joe at (805) 886-5735.

Garrett McCaw

I believe a successful team happens, in part, due to complementary personalities and talents. Garrett brings to the table an almost child-like wonder for life and work. Not sure if being a new dad has to do with this as I think it’s just who he is.

Garrett has a gift for connecting with people. When you speak, you know he is truly listening. It is crucial to him that the team’s clients are not just happy, but delighted, and this starts with hearing what’s important to them.

Once Garrett knows what his client’s want, he is like a bloodhound seeking out the answers. Don’t be surprised if Garrett calls you with an answer to a question you were just thinking about. He can be a bit spooky that way.  Call Garrett at (805)-252-2335.

Joe and Garrett

Both Joe and Garrett are well respected in the industry. Such esteem is reserved for real professionals. Others know they go the distance for their clients and know their “stuff.”

You will see them on Thursday real estate tours (every week) learning about the new homes on the market. They attend lots of industry events to keep up with the latest trends, contract changes and information that will keep their client’s safe and well represented.

It is an honor for me to write this bio. I’d suggest you take a look at what their customers have to say too. It’s not just me who likes Joe and Garrett, it is their peers and the home buyers and sellers who wisely choose them.

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