If you are wondering what your home or condo is currently worth, then you’ve come to the right page. There are three main ways to find out what your home is worth. Below is an overview:

Automated What’s My Home Worth

There are several automated tools available to provide homeowners with an estimate of their home’s value. In the Santa Barbara area, automated tools are generally inaccurate since the computer models rely on data from “comparable properties” such as one would find in a cookie cutter subdivision. The Santa Barbara region is filled with a diverse home inventory that computer models like Zillow’s Zestimate cannot accurately value. That said, feel free to try our home value estimator tool. You’ll get lots of info about home sales in your neighborhood and an estimate of your personal home’s worth.

Santa Barbara Team What’s My Home Worth Report

If accuracy is important to you, a custom report is a much better choice. You’ll receive a robust “comparable market analysis” for your particular home. The difference is considerable, and best of all, it is a free service we provide to homeowners. Below is a list of what we do for you.

  • We gather information over the phone, by email or in person about the features and benefits of your home.
  • We use the information provided to find homes that are actually comparable to yours. These are homes that have recently sold and are currently on the market that match size, area, condition and other important factors when determining a home’s potential sales price.
  • When additional information is needed, we contact the listing agent directly to get details that will impact the accuracy of your “what’s my home worth” report.
  • We utilize our thirty combined years in the business, experience gained by creating hundreds of home value reports (CMA’s) as well as classes we take to keep current on the latest appraisal guidelines and best practices.
  • You will receive a full report with information about your home’s value with all the supporting information used to back up the numbers.
  • As mentioned, this is a free service provided by The Santa Barbara Group.

A Professional Appraisal

An appraisal from an area knowledgeable licensed appraiser is another way to help determine your home’s value. Naturally, this is service is fee-based and varies by home/lot size as well as other factors.

The question is who do you want to do the job? We’d be happy to provide a list of appraisers we’ve found talented.