Pros and Cons Living in Samarkand Neighborhood — Santa Barbara


People often ask what it is like to live in Santa Barbara and the various neighborhoods. We have talked to a number of people who live in different parts of Santa Barbara and asked them to tell us the pros and cons. This article looks at what it is like to live in Santa Barbara’s Samarkand neighborhood.

map of Samarkand Neighborhood Santa BarbaraWhere is the Samarkand Neighborhood?

Samarkand is locked between the 101, Las Positas, De La Vena and Alamar below State Street. The location is very convenient due to its proximity to upper State, Downtown Santa Barbara and easy access to the 101 freeway.

What do people like about living in the Samarkand Area?

Below are some of the things residents of Samarkand said they love about living there.

  • Great location. So easy to get most anywhere you want to go.
  • Samarkand is so beautiful. We have wonderful mature trees lining our streets and the homeowners here take great care of their places… real pride of ownership here.
  • We like to take walks after work and appreciate having sidewalks and see so many friends and neighbors on our strolls.
  • I am so happy to call The Samarkand home. There aren’t too many retirement communities and glad for this one.
  • My husband and I never thought much about lawn bowling, but the MacKenzie Park club has become a great place to spend time with friends and be outside.
  • We like to go out to dinner a lot and there are so many great places we can walk to on State Street.
  • Being close to Trader Joes is a real plus.
  • I love golf and Santa Barbara Muni is just across Las Positas.


Cons of living in Samarkand

  • We live near Las Positas and the Earl Warren Showgrounds. Road noise can be a bother and some of the events are the EW are loud. If we’d known, we may have looked for a home in the interior part of Samarkand. Even with the noise, we will never leave the area. We love our neighborhood.
  • There are not a lot of homes with the kind of ocean views our friends on the Mesa have. Sometimes I am a bit jealous.
  • During Fiesta, the park is pretty rowdy. But it’s only for a week and when our kids were young it was so easy to go over for some rides and fun with other kids in the neighborhood.
  • There is a fair amount of traffic in the morning and early evening.
  • We wish Adams school would up their game a bit. It’s not a bad school, but we know of others in town doing a better job.


Conclusions – Living In Santa Barbara’s Samarkand Neighborhood 

Everyone we talked to, including clients we helped find a place in Samarkand, really like living there. Some wish they had bought interior lot homes and all love the location and how easy it is to get anywhere they want in minutes. Nearby shopping and restaurants were a big plus for many too. Pride of ownership was a common theme and is very evident when you drive the region.


A Pictorial Look At the Samarkand Neighborhood


Homes Currently For Sale In Samarkand

Below is a list of homes currently on the market in Samarkand. If you would like to see one of them or homes in other areas, Joe and Garrett will be happy to set up your private viewing.

$2,399,000 - 4Br/2Ba -  for Sale in 20 - Samarkand, Santa Barbara
Open House
MLS# 24-1062
2827-2829 Serena Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Property Type: Home/estate
$2,995,000 - 4Br/3Ba -  for Sale in 20 - Samarkand, Santa Barbara
Open House
MLS# 24-1633
2720 El Prado Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Property Type: Home/estate